Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination Membership Breaks 300!

Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination is proud to welcome 11 new mayors to our coalition from the past few weeks. These new coalition members understand that discrimination against LGBT people in housing, employment, and public accommodations is wrong. With the addition of these new members, our total membership has passed 300 total mayors from 48 states and the District of Columbia.

Santa Fe, NM Mayor Alan Webber said upon joining:

“Santa Fe’s commitments to diversity and to equality go hand-in-hand with an obligation: that we’ll stand up and fight for inclusivity and against discrimination. It’s reflected in our City charter, which says, “The human and civil rights of the residents of Santa Fe are inviolate and shall not be diminished or otherwise infringed. To that end, no city ordinance, resolution or policy shall be enacted or adopted nor shall any action be condoned which discriminates on the basis of ethnicity, race, age, religion, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, gender, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, medical condition or citizenship status. It’s our duty to live up to the words of the charter and the values they represent. It’s also up to us to make these values part of our daily interactions with one another and the stands we take as a community – it’s a commitment that is woven into who we are. It’s something we take pride in.”

Mayor Keith W. Corbett of Brookings, SD said:

“Brookings is an inclusive community. There is strength in numbers, and I proudly join Mayor Mike Huether with the Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination to erase discrimination and treat everyone fairly and equally.”

Join us in welcoming our new coalition members!

Mayor Neil Bradshaw: Ketchum, ID
Mayor Chris Koos: Normal, IL
Mayor Mike Kelly: Roeland Park, KS
Mayor Ruthanne Fuller: Newton, MA
Mayor Alan Webber: Santa Fe, NM
Mayor Ellen Tillapaugh: Cooperstown, NY
Mayor Ben Walsh: Syracuse, NY
Mayor Keith Corbett: Brookings, SD
Mayor Anne Watson: Montpelier, VT
Mayor Juslyn Manalo: Daly City, CA
Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz: Toledo, OH
Mayor Will Hall: Shoreline, WA
Mayor Samantha Paradis: Belfast, ME
Mayor David Terrazas: Santa Cruz, CA
Mayor Cathy Murillo: Santa Barbara, CA

Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination is a bipartisan coalition of municipal leaders dedicated to securing inclusive nondiscrimination protections for all, including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals, at all levels of government.

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