Flawed HB2 Proposal in North Carolina Would Strip Cities & Towns of Ability to Protect LGBT Residents Posted on March 30, 2017

Lawmakers in North Carolina are set to vote on legislation they claim will address the backlash that HB 2 has generated over the last year – just hours before a deadline from the NCAA to repeal the law or risk losing all NCAA games through 2022. The legislation lawmakers will vote on, however, leaves the most discriminatory components of HB 2 in place and puts nondiscrimination protections for LGBT North Carolinians out of reach for years to come.

The Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination coalition issued the following statement on the supposed “deal.”

“North Carolina’s HB2 is a disaster – it cost the economy close to a billion dollars in revenue, and it took a wrecking ball to the state’s reputation November. It needs to be fully repealed – that’s all. The proposal lawmakers are debating today still prohibits cities and towns from proactively passing non-discrimination protections for LGBT people. As mayors, we know that LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination builds stronger communities – and that stripping municipalities from the ability to protect our residents from discrimination is dangerous and harmful. We hope to see the North Carolina General Assembly reject this unacceptable proposal and repeal HB2 in full.”

Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination is a coalition of more than 200 mayors from nearly every state who stand against anti-LGBT discrimination and in favor of comprehensive protections from discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.