Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination Oppose Anti-Transgender Military Ban from White House Posted on March 26, 2018

Late Friday evening, March 23, the White House made clear that — despite multiple legal challenges and injunctions — it is committed to seeing through a discriminatory policy that bans transgender Americans from serving their country. The administration is signaling its intention to move forward with supporting a ban that is largely identical to that originally announced over Twitter by President Trump last summer.

Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination, a national nonpartisan coalition of more than 250 mayors from nearly every state, issued the following statement:

“As mayors, we oppose the transgender military ban that would weaken our military, contradict the values that we stand for as Americans, and be devastating to transgender service members and their families. The Administration is wasting valuable time and resources by targeting talented and dedicated soldiers for discrimination. Every American who is qualified, can meet existing military standards, and is willing to risk their life to keep our country safe should be free to serve. Four separate federal courts already have ruled that a ban on transgender service members in the military is unconstitutional, and we’re confident that this attack on transgender service members will not stand the test of time.”

Four different courts have ruled against the ban, resulting in stays being issued on implementation and clearing the way for transgender Americans to officially and openly take steps to enlist on January 1, 2018. In all cases, the judges ruled that the ban was not valid military policy, but rather, outright and indefensible discrimination.