San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee Reflects on Rapid Growth of Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination Coalition Posted on January 30, 2017


Editors’ Note: This blog post was authored by Mayor Ed Lee of San Francisco, a founder and co-chair of Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination.

Earlier this month I was thrilled to join with mayors from across the country for the formal launch of Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination, a coalition coordinated by Freedom for All Americans featuring mayors standing up for LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination protections. More than 200 mayors from almost every single state in the country are included on the impressive bipartisan roster of local leaders who know how important it is to speak out against anti-LGBT attacks.

As the mayor of San Francisco, I’m so proud of my city’s long-standing commitment to advancing and protecting the rights of our LGBT residents. We’ve seen first-hand here that by opening our arms and welcoming everyone, San Francisco is a safer, more diverse, and stronger city.

It’s terrific to see mayors in so many cities who also see the need to champion progress toward equality, justice, and opportunity for all. From Birmingham, AL to Jackson, WY, from large cities like Seattle, WA and Philadelphia, PA to small towns like East Point City, GA and Ketchum, ID, local leaders are committed to doing the hard work of education and advocacy until we achieve a society that ensures equal treatment for all.

When I joined with several other mayors last year in founding Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination, we aimed to take the very best of the steps forward we have taken for equality in cities like mine and provide a template to support mayors across the country who want to do what’s right for their constituents. Together, we can provide a space for elected officials everywhere to take their local action and create a national impact.

Take a look at the 200+ Mayors from almost every state standing up against anti-LGBT discrimination!