Welcome to the Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination Website! Posted on January 13, 2017

Welcome to the website for Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination – your portal to the coalition of nearly 200 mayors from more than 40 different states and the District of Columbia who are standing up for LGBT non-discrimination and standing against efforts to discriminate against LGBT people.

The Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination coalition formally launched in January 2017, following efforts from mayors in early 2016 to speak out against a wave of anti-LGBT legislation filed in states across the country, from North Carolina to Mississippi. Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination is a project of Freedom for All Americans, the bipartisan campaign to win comprehensive LGBT non-discrimination protections nationwide

Mayors have a unique and special role to play in protecting the rights and safety of residents and in advancing policies that move our communities and our country forward. That’s why so many mayors have signed onto the coalition to represent all of their constituents and speak out in favor of LGBT equality.

Here’s some of what you can find here on the Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination website:

  • COALITION: See the full list of every mayor who is a Mayor Against LGBT Discrimination
  • PRINCIPLES: Read why it’s so vital for mayors to lend their voices to the effort to pass LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination protections nationwide.
  • QUOTES: Read statements from many mayors about why they’re speaking out for LGBT equality.
  • GET INVOLVED: If you’re a mayor, find out how to become a part of the coalition. If you’re a constituent, learn how to take action in your local community!
  • HOW MAYORS CAN TAKE ACTION: See a few examples of how mayors can contribute positive momentum to the campaign for LGBT non-discrimination protections.
  • BLOG: Get the latest on Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination.
  • PRESS: Check out recent news stories covering the work of Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination.